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Choose From High Quality And Large Variety Of Roll Up Banners Stands From DXP Display

April 15, 2014 – Toronto, Canada

Are you looking for a versatile display tool that is sturdy, elegant, bright, attractive and very cost-effective? Look no further than the range of retractable banner stands or roll up banner stands from Display Solutions CA. We have the right product for you. To explain in short, roll up banner stands are those that come with a stand wherein the actual advertisement if mounted as a graphic banner on the stand. They are retractable, meaning that they can be rolled up easily and stored in customized carrying bags. Also, the stands can be used multiple times with different promotional banners.

This is one display tool that has multiple uses. Let us highlight some uses for you as follows:


Highlight your message at the following places:

  • Trade shows and exhibitions
  • Conferences and Seminars
  • Malls
  • Storefront promotions
  • Sidewalks
  • Community centers/ office campus
  • Internal and external events


Hence, these display stands make for good investments at point in time. While, you can see that they score big on versatility, there features are much more. Let us highlight some of the features of our range of retractable banner stands that also can be seen as key advantages.


The display stands weigh almost nothing, making them very easy to use. They can be taken anywhere easily too.


As they are lightweight and retractable, they offer ease of portability. This is great if you have exhibitions across different locations and you can lug around them without much effort or any additional transportation expenses.


Roll up banner stands can be reused easily as the banners themselves are retractable and hence if you change the banner, with the same stand, you have got a completely new promotion running. This makes for a good return on investment and sensible long term investment too. We have already explained their feature of being multipurpose.


They look nice, attractive and very elegant. Once you pair these stands with vibrant and creative graphics, you are sure to get people’s attention easily and achieve your communication objectives.


Our stands are made of high quality aluminum, making them sturdy and long lasting.


We offer different styles of retractable banner stand to suit your specific business needs. We only print on high quality 13oz super smooth block-out banner material using highest printer resolution 1440dpi. The components come in ready to use box and needs few minutes to set it up needing no expert support or personnel. Our banner stands come with a carrying case which can be used to transport and store the roll up banner stands when not in use.

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