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Why Are Retractable Banner Stands, The Best Tool For Business Promotions?

March 08, 2014 – Toronto, Canada

Marketing and branding activities require creativity, strategy and vision. While the important criterion is the content or messaging and the creative behind it, there are other factors as well. The tool which will be used to display the same is as important. This makes retractable banner stands clear winners when it comes to all kinds of promotional activities. They are loaded with advantages for the user. Once a business uses them, they will lean towards using them more often and for more purposes. They are also known as roll up banner stands and by virtue of its design can be displayed anywhere and rolled up or retracted easily to showcase your message. Used in conferences, trade shows, customer events, internal events, seminars, in trade booths, at restaurants, in malls, sidewalks etc. retractable banners can find a place anywhere. Businesses prefer using them over other options due to some of their clear cut advantages as follows:
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Retractable banners make for sensible investments. Once you buy the same, the stand remains as it is; r the only thing needed is to change the graphic or visual banner. This means you can prolong the use of this medium and it proves to be a long term investment. Due to its inherent flexible feature, the same stand could be reused for multiple promotions through the year, making them perfect for seasonal or holiday led promotional activities. This also helps them score over other advertising mediums.

Operational ease

Roll up banner stands are very easy to operate. Its installation takes few minutes involving pulling the banner out of the base, fix the support pole and you are ready!!! Involves very less manpower or training making it budget friendly. They are also perfect as displays in limited spaces.

Easy to transport

Retractable banner stands come with their carrying case which is easy to move around. The banner stands need no additional storage space due to their compact size and structure. They can be taken from one show to the other without much trouble.

Visually attractive

Smart, clean and very attractively designed, retractable banners make for great pieces of display. They are eye catching and create effective platforms to display messages pertaining to your products, theme, goals, event or services. They add the professional touch to your branding initiatives.

Complete customization is possible

It’s possible to customize retractable banner stands to the finest possible detail. This includes the size, the dimensions and the kind of graphics or panels you would like to display. You can have panels which are just visual or a combination of copy and graphics or simple ones with the company logo and theme.

Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable Banner Stands

Pocket friendly

These times are tough for businesses and they need to curtail, manage expenditure as far as possible. Despite the tough times, marketing initiatives cannot be stopped. By virtue of their re usability factor, retractable banners prove to be very budget friendly. As one needs to just invest once in the stand, the cost of panels is not high, hence one can use the same banner stands repeatedly for different purposes.

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