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Why Is A Rolling Banner An Instant Hit With Your Target Audience ?

June 10, 2014 – Toronto, Canada

Banner stands are of multiple kinds and companies use them for various purposes and for many promotional messages. One of the most striking ones are the rolling banner displays as they manage to stand apart from the rest, making an instant impression on people you are trying to reach. The key differentiation of these rolling banners is the motion feature that makes them more effective than the static banners. These banners are motorized and move from up to down or down to up with the advertisement scrolling. It is this movement which manages to attract attention of people at crowded shopping malls or trade shows or anywhere you wish to place them. It is a known fact that people are instantly attracted to motion and hence these banners are an instant hit.

There are many advantages of using these banners as their unique features makes them good investments for any business wishing to get maximum value on a minimum investment. Budgets are tight and companies are looking to realizing maximum value from any promotions they may run at any point of time. Display Solutions, CA has the latest range of scrolling banners for your promotional needs.

Some of their key unique features are as follows:


These are the only banner display stands that run on a motorized automatic motor. The movement of the advertisement not only gets you instant attention; it comes across as unique as as well as more engaging than the static variety. The movement also results in giving you the option of running two different messages in one banner.

Full-color graphics

The banners are of high quality and have full color graphics and visuals giving it a very high level of sophistication and appeal. These banners make your brand resonate well with your target audience.


The rolling banner display stands are lightweight and very easy to carry around. The portability features adds additional convenience to the company using it.

Easy to set up

The banners can be easily be set up in very less time, making them efficient and hassle-free to operate. Also, it saves you additional resources towards hiring expert works men to get the job done.

Multiple banners

As the banners scroll, companies can run two different or multiple messages through just one banner stand. This enables high return on investment to the budget conscious businesses.

The above features make the scrolling banners, truly all-in-one display tools for companies.

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