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Be it Trade Show Booth , event or open area promotion we always try to target the maximum audience. DXP Display is one of the leading suppliers for Trade Show Displays , Pop Up Display Booths , Banner Stands , Outdoor Displays , Hanging Banner , Canopy Tents , Table Cloths and lot more. DXP Display is the leading expert in trade show and events all over the world. In Canada we are the best one, when it comes to event and trade show booths. Our wide range of promotional products is exceptional in quality and value for money. The extensive selection we have is enough capable to meet any of your needs for organizing trade show booths, pop up exhibit booths, stalls, events etc.

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Who Provides Display Solution for All Events and Trade Shows

Why Dxp Display? To provide epitomic marketing solution this will help you in brand empowerment.

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We agree that starting a business and taking it to heights of success is not at all easy without proper promotion. And aiming for promoting well is really a tough job. Our goal is to make this tough job of promotion easy for you.
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Now-a-days getting promotion work done has become very expensive but we always aim to give best solution at an affordable price. All merchandizing products required for promotion and brand empowerment are available at a plethora of designs, sizes, and patterns.
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We target in providing ultimate marketing solution for any events,Trade Shows, trade fairs, open area, market, shop or anywhere. We provide B2B and B2C solution as we target all customers who require assistance for promoting their business.
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Be it small shop, trade shows, municipality, open area, malls, stalls, events- wherever you want and how the way you want our wide range of products cover all that you desire. We have also provided online catalog with detailed description of all the products we offer for your better marketing.

With our extensive selection it becomes easy for you to reach your branding needs at much affordable price.