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Advertise with impact via the A frame stands

July 29, 2014 – Toronto, Canada

Any business, in order to survive or grow needs to advertise and engage with customers. One of the worst challenges that local businesses face includes the issue of competition around the corner and in order to attract customers, need to be smart in their advertising tactics. Mostly, the best way to do this is to use time tested tactic like theA frame stand black for advertising promotions, offers or specials. One tends to see local shops, retail outlets, cafes, bars place these display tools at sidewalks, malls, at the entrances, store front, parking areas, common areas etc.

The A frame stand is so called because the stand opens up to display the message in the shape of the alphabet A, i.e. The stand behind is in this shape. The main objective is to attract attention and generate footfalls, which can lead to a sale. The stands offered by Display Solutions CA, are of the best quality with creative graphics, making the advertisement look attractive and distinct.

One can do much with these simple, yet effective frame stands. Let us go through their features that make them good choices for local businesses.


A frame stands are affordable options for local businesses and tend to get the job done without hassles or further expenses.

Multiple advertisements

It is observed that local businesses tend to have different promotions going in different weeks or days. This makes it necessary for them to keep updating their display frequently. With this stand, they can use it again as only the banner or graphic display needs to be changed, making it a very sensible investment.

Simple operation

A frame stands require very less time and effort in setting up or removing. This makes it very convenient for anyone to operate it without much effort.


In comparison to other display tools, the A frame stands black tend to be useful for longer period of time due to their durability and stability. They are sturdy and very effective for long term use.

If you are a local business wanting effective, affordable, solid, trendy, eye-catching and very engaging display tool for advertisement, go no further than the A frame stands black.

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