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Bow flags make for engaging promotional tools

March 05, 2013 – Toronto, Canada

Flags are one of the most engaging promotional tools used for display and advertising purposes. Companies leverage these flags to promote the products, brands and the company at events and other trade shows and exhibitions. Advertising flags are of various kinds and make for great tools of display and promotions. Well designed flags help attract attention and engage visitors across all kinds of events. One uses bow flags at local events, exhibitions, outdoor trade events, corporate road shows, sporting events and for walk in traffic. The different flag banners include bow flags, teardrop flags, custom flags and banner flags.

Flags for sale can be used anywhere. Outside shops, restaurants, at sports meet, local city events, point of sale locations, trade show booths, roadside promotions, as highway signage, large scale mall promotions etc. practically anywhere. Bow flags are attractive and very eye-catching.

Some of the key features include:


Bow flags are very resilient and durable. Flag display stand is weather resistant and very durable. It can be used in both, indoor and outdoor events. This feature makes them good long term investments improving their reuse value over time. Once they are made, they can be used without any hassle till the next promotional cycle kicks in.

Easy set up

Flag banners are lightweight, easy to transport, store and install. Equipped with flag banner stands, they can be easily installed and dismantled. They generally come with their own carry on cases so it’s easy to store them and transport them around from one promotional event to the other.

Full color graphic

One of the most advantageous feature is that they are vibrant and very rich in graphics. The banners are full color graphic and are eye-catching. The advertisements look very emphatic and are able to convey the message clearly and precisely to the target audience.


Banner flags can be easily dismantled and out in their carrying cases. They are retractable and can be easily used for multiple promotions. So, you do not have to spend on additional panels and advertising each time.

Hassle-free operation

Flags are lightweight and quick to set up. Needing very little time to assemble and dismantle, they do not require specially trained personnel for installation. One can easily set it up in minutes. Also, they are highly portable making it very easy to transport them everywhere.

The range of promotional flags available with Display Solutions CA, are printed on high quality banner material and the banner stands come with their carrying case.

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