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Create lasting branding with mount and blade custom banners

March 09, 2014 – Toronto, Canada

Branding and advertising are critical areas of success for any company desirous of growing awareness and reaching out to wider group of potential customers. There are various display tools available to companies for this purpose but one of the most effective ones are the flags and banners. They are engaging, come in various shapes and dimensions and make for a long ranging impact when deployed effectively. Mostly used at outdoor events and for local promotions, they are highly versatile and can be used anywhere easily without worrying about their impact and effect.

While there are multiple kinds of outdoor display flags, one of the biggest selling ones include the blade banners for their unique specifications and attractive features. Display Solutions CA, is a company engaged in multiple kinds of display strategies for companies across various sizes and objectives. They offer a huge creative dimension in terms of concave wind banners, bow flags, blade banners and the rest. Their hall mark offering lies in high quality creativity with cheap banner printing making it an affordable exercise for anyone on a budget. By using blade flags, companies can easily achieve their communication and branding objectives without any issues. This is important factor in determining the overall branding campaign indulged in by any company.

Advertising Flags

There are many reasons companies go in for flags as compared to other option and some of their advantages are explained below:

The design element

Blade flags are well, shaped like a blade making them unique, eye-catching and stand apart in crowded places like malls, parking lots, driveways, event fields, convention centers etc. There is more than enough space on them to use bold and vibrant creative designs without worrying over it looking bad or unattractive.

All weather tools

These are resistant to adverse weather conditions and will not fade in strong sunlight or get wet in rains or snow and in the bitter cold. Hence, they are useful for outdoor or indoor placements.

Good investment

They are retractable and all weather friendly making them long lasting investments. Once you buy a stand you can reuse or re purpose it by changing the retractable banner easily to accommodate a new branding message. You will not have to spend a huge sum on buying a new bow flag banner or blade banner at all. Great return on investment.

It is for these reasons, that marketing teams prefer the flag banners and especially blade banners to set their branding stand out from amongst others at events and exhibitions.

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