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Leverage the power of expertly finished advertising flags

June 22, 2014 – Toronto, Canada

Trade events and exhibitions help businesses to advertise their products and generate mass publicity. This is something that all marketing teams wish to achieve while participating in such industry events. One of the best ways to attract attention is to create unique, eye-catching trade show displays and stands. There are multiple kinds of stands and booth designs that businesses can choose from but accentuating them with promotional flags is a great idea.

Flags are of many varieties, shapes and designs. They tend to be used to either show the way to a particular booth or just are displayed to gather some visibility. Display Solutions CA, has all kinds of popular advertising flags to suit individual requirements. Some of the different kinds of promotional flags are the blade banners, bow banners, feather banners, tear drop banners and sail banners. Each of them is so named due to the shapes they are and hence each one makes a different kind of impact on the audience.

The features of each kind of flag are similar and one of the biggest draws is that they move in the breeze creating a motion which is sure to catch the attention of passersby.

Some of the key features of all advertising flags are as follows:

Weather resistant

Flags are outdoor tools of display and hence offer high levels of resistance to different weather conditions. They can withstand the external conditions superbly and hence make for effective outdoor displays.


All promotional flags are made of high quality materials that ate durable and can be reused easily. They can undergo extreme wear and tear, giving them long life and stability.


All advertising flags are attractive due to the high color graphics used on the banners itself. This makes for superior impact and impression.


Flags are very convenient as they are retractable making them very efficient. They can reused easily as the flag display stand remains the same, but the graphic banner on it can be changed based on the latest branding message or event promotion.

Hassle-free operation

Flags are lightweight and quick to set up. Needing very little time to assemble and dismantle, they do not require specially trained personnel for installation. One can easily set it up in minutes. Also, they are highly portable making it very easy to transport them everywhere.

Using high quality and well finished advertising flags goes a long way in adding verve and a vibrant feel to your trade show outing.

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