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Top 10 Creative Tips for Trade Show Display

April 23, 2014 – Toronto, Canada

Your company has decided on participating in a trade show. This means that a detailed plan has to be made when it comes to putting together your trade show display. Due to the number of people that come to visit, you need to ensure that your trade show booth is unique, attractive and highly functional. It is akin to setting up your shop there and the same attention you would pay to the interiors of your shop, you need to do the same here. Having a creative trade show booth will attract more visitors, giving you an opportunity to interact with more potential customers and generate higher level of visibility. Some of the following tips from Dxp Display

Will help you in making a creative display at the next trade show.

1. Clear and distinct branding

Trade shows tend to be cluttered and very busy. It becomes difficult to stand apart from the others crowding around your space. This leads to creating a large and distinct size or type of branding across the trade show booth. Due to this, visitors can clearly identify your company or product among st the other booths in the show.

2. Innovative design

Having an innovative and different kind of a layout of the trade show booth with interactive elements like marketing content etc. will lead to making an impact on the visitors. Striking display materials, with an attractive color scheme will enhance the appeal of your trade show booth.

4. Functional

Visitors must be able to move around easily and interact with your representatives manning the booth. Having a cluttered space will dissuade a visitor from coming into the trade show booth, hence it’s important to factor all this in while planning the floor plan.

4. Trained staff at the booth

This is very integral to add the burst of visibility to your company’s messages. Well-groomed, well trained and spoken people at the booth will always attract more people as they will get their queries answered quickly. Also, having well turned out people will add to the appeal of your booth.

5. Use interactive elements

One of the best ways to attract immediate attention is to have interactive trade show materials which will create some noise and buzz among st the people there. It will help you to look different and innovative as compared to the others there.

6. Make it stand out

Using bright, vibrant branding and trade show exhibits will add life and purpose to the trade show booth. You can try having different panels on each day or some kind of a little contest on the floor to engage with more visitors.

7. Create a theme

If you have a clear cut messaging or a promotion going on, you can build a thematic visual making it very distinct with the imagery and treatment of all the trade show display tools being used.

8. Consistent messaging

Cohesive messaging resonates better and stays longer. You can apply this approach when planning on the kind of tools you use or the banner stands or marketing material you hand out.

9. Maximize the space

You are investing so there must be returns. You must use all the possible space that is allowed in and around your trade show booth or at the reception area to ensure that you get maximum Roi.

10. Keep it simple

This is something one can oversee so one must ensure that all the products used and the content used is simple for people to get the message and does not confuse or distract them from the key message.

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