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Use Innovative Outdoor Canopy Tent To Make a Splash At Outdoor events

June 29, 2014 – Toronto, Canada

Outdoor events are always much anticipated, as people like to experience something new and different in summer. Typically, locations for such events are manifold like club playgrounds, sports arena, clubhouse, sidewalks, roadside etc. Whatever be the location setting, your display in an attractive pop up tent, is sure to make a mark and help your brand stand out. Display Solutions CA has a wide variety of pop up canopy tents that can be used for any kind o outdoor events or trade shows. There are many kinds available but the traditional size is a 10×10 canopy tent. One can do a lot of innovative ideas branding the canopy as it becomes a show stopper for many companies who are looking at making a mark on their competition and attract new customers equally.

Let us highlight some of the key criteria that one must bear in mind while planning their trade exhibit using pop up tents.

Overall creativity

Tents are of multiple kinds and are attractive, but one must plan to create something striking and innovative to stand apart from the others. One can mush freedom while designing these display tools. You can go bold, colorful and striking with choosing company colors or logo colors, branding the entire tent with your company logo or product brand name and create a theme if there is one.

Materials in use

Pop up canopy tents need to be sturdy, durable and safely installed. This requires buying it from a provider who uses the best quality poles, fabric that is not flimsy and overall offers a safe structure for numerous people who visit it.


The traditional size is the 10ft x 10ft canopy tent but one need to factor in the specific area you wish depending on the exhibit or the kind of display booth you are creating in a particular show. This aspect will determine the final size which you will freeze on.

Your budget

Canopy tents for sale vary in terms of material, size and other dimensions. Your budget and how much you are willing to spend on it will be a critical factor in the final design of the tent you opt for.

There are portable canopy tents which make for good investments if you are considering repeating a trade show in the coming years. If your branding and advertising needs remain the same, you can easily cart your portable tent with you and reuse the same one again saving a lot on additional costs.

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