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Using banners and signs to garner attention

March 06, 2014 – Toronto, Canada.

Adverting and branding initiatives have evolved to include multiple kinds of display tools which are used to promote new products and special offers. Companies participate in various road shows and trade shows which are the best places to reach out to a large audience and prospective customers. You can use sail banners for multipurpose events like road shows, trade shows, exhibitions and custom flags are the perfect choice. Well-designed sail flags Cornwall are very popular and attractive to display your brand name and product details. One of the best ways of doing so is to use flags for sale or different kinds of flag banners. Using flags is a rapidly growing trend to promote products, services, places, and sometimes personalities.

The collection of flag banners available with Display Solutions CA, are high quality sail banner Toronto and sailing flags. One can get to select from a vast collection of sail banners, feather flags, sailing flags, sail flags and other flag banners.

Advertising Flags

The inherent advantages of using flags are many and some of them are outlined as below:


You can use them for any kind of promotional exercise. They make for attractive displays and are suitable for various kinds of events and messaging. They move in the wind, making them instantly eye-catching to any visitors or passersby.

Easy to manage

Flags are lightweight, easy to transport, carry around and store. They need no additional transport or labor to carry them around. This make them mobile displays and very easy to manage and operate. The materials maybe lightweight, but are durable and sturdy enough to install and mount for leverage.

Good investment

Compared to other avenues and tools for advertising, sail flags are cheaper and more robust, having a higher level of appeal. Due to their various easy to install features, flag banners are good and sensible investments to make for any business looking at maximizing the output of a display tool.


Sail flags can be stored easily and are made of robust materials that are durable and all weather resilient making them perfect for any kind of promotions. These banners make for good long term use as they have a long life.


These banners can be fully retracted making them easy to store for future promotions.

Full color graphic display

The messages displayed are creative and in full color graphics making them very attractive and engaging.

The above outlines the advantage of using various kinds of flag poles and custom flag printing which results in the creation of attractive displays that manage to convince the audience easily and engage with them.

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